Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems: Spiritual Education for Ourselves and our Families, Sundays 10am to Noon

Kinsmen Recreation Centre, 2nd floor, 20 Granville Street, London (west off of Wharncliffe Road between Riverside and Oxford)

Adult sessions

May 31st   – Next in the series “Getting Married, Staying Married: Mindful Matrimony” with Terry and Jules Poirier

Jun 7th   – To be announced

Jun 14th   – Annual Picnic in Arva Park 11:00 AM

 Youth Class – 13 to 18 years old

In-depth Study of the Dispensation of Bahá’u’lláh

 Children’s Classes – 6 to 9, 10 to 12 years old

Learning about the Bahá’í Writings and History

 Offered by the Bahá’í community of London as a service to the greater Southwestern Ontario region.

Light Refreshments. All are welcome.

 Past topics for Hidden Gems’ adult sessions have included such spiritually enriching topics for families as: Mindful Parent, Mindful Child; The Home Environment; Prayer and Meditation; Seeing the End in the Beginning; Prayer and Meditation; Discipline in Love; Being an Example; The Station of Parents; The Spiritual Reality of the Child; The Spiritual Journey of the Parent; Change; Service; Thirst for Knowledge; The Beauty of Marriage.

DRC_0863A study class in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of the Congo.