Letter of Solidarity

January 31, 2017

Dear Community of London,

At this time when our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters are in mourning, we mourn and stand in solidarity with them.

In the current atmosphere of suspicion, mistrust and political clashes around the world, we affirm our belief in the underlying oneness of all people—not as a vague hope—but as an essential truth.

A most fundamental of human rights is the right of each individual to investigate reality for himself or herself, and to benefit from the results of this exploration. All people should have the right to an unfettered adherence to spiritual life. We strongly condemn all forms of divisive prejudices—be they based on differences of race, religion, nationality, political views, gender, ethnicity, or socio-economic status. The right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion is not only possible in a diverse society, such as Canada, but is vitally necessary for the development of the well-being of humankind at this crucial point in history. Where there is love, unity, tolerance, and idealism, a people flourishes; where there is ignorance, prejudice, division and hatred, human society sinks in a slough of unending disasters, ruinous for mankind as a whole.

The Bahá’í community calls upon our fellow citizens to work against the subversive intolerances given voice by those who would have us divided. Let us examine, and eliminate from our own hearts, any trace of prejudice that would allow a seed of hate to take root. Let us demonstrate in word and deed that love is more powerful. We pray:

O Thou kind Lord!  Thou hast created all humanity from the same stock.  Thou hast decreed that all shall belong to the same household.  In Thy Holy Presence they are all Thy servants, and all mankind are sheltered beneath Thy Tabernacle; all have gathered together at Thy Table of Bounty; all are illumined through the light of Thy Providence.

 O God!  Thou art kind to all, Thou hast provided for all, dost shelter all, conferrest life up

on all.  Thou hast endowed each and all with talents and faculties, and all are submerged in the Ocean of Thy Mercy.

O Thou kind Lord!  Unite all.  Let the religions agree and make the nations one, so that they may see each other as one family and the whole earth as one home.  May they all live together in perfect harmony.

 O God!  Raise aloft the banner of the oneness of mankind. O God!  Establish the Most Great Peace.

Cement Thou, O God, the hearts together. O Thou kind Father, God!  Gladden our hearts through the fragrance of Thy love.  Brighten our eyes through the Light of Thy Guidance.  Delight our ears with the melody of Thy Word, and shelter us all in the Stronghold of Thy Providence.

 Thou art the Mighty and Powerful, Thou art the Forgiving and Thou art the One Who overlooketh the shortcomings of all mankind.

May our nation emerge from this tragedy with renewed resolve to uphold the principles to which we all aspire, and be an example of unity and diversity to the entire world.

The Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of London